What are the scholarships available for LBS MBA?

1. Lagos Business School Scholarship
Description : This scholarship is open to all applicants irrespective of gender.
Coverage: Full/partial coverage of tuition fees for the MBA programme.

2. CIL Acquico Full Scholarship for 1 Female:
Description : This scholarship is exclusively available for one female candidate.
Coverage: Full coverage of tuition fees for the MBA programme.

3. Ibidunni Ighodalo Scholarship:
Description: This scholarship is open to all applicants irrespective of gender.

Offers a 50% scholarship for one

A partial contribution towards tuition fees for another person

4. Gerrard Olisa-Asher Foundation Scholarship:
Description: This scholarship is available for three female candidates.
Coverage: Offers a 12% scholarship, assisting with a portion of the tuition fees.

To be eligible for the MBA programme, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Minimum of 3 years post-graduation working experience.

2. First Degree with a minimum of Second Class Lower/HND with PGD.

3. Third-class holders should have a PGD.

4. O'Level Result with a minimum of 5 credits including English & Mathematics.

5. A minimum score of GMAT- 550 /NMAT- 200 /GRE- 300.

6. Academic Transcript

Step 1:MBA Qualification Exercise:

Participate in the MBA qualification exercise to check if you are eligible for the MBA programme.

Step 2: MBA Application Form:

Once you are confirmed as eligible, complete the MBA application form within the given timeframe (From now till August 31st, 2024).

Step 3: Application for Scholarship:

After going through the admissions process, including the aptitude test and interview, you can apply for the scholarship.

When you get admission confirmation, submit the required documents as per the specified requirements.

Step 4: Review, Selection, and Award:

The scholarship committee will review all successful applications.

Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who meet the criteria and are selected by the committee

LBS MBA scholarships are available for only MBA applicants. Executive MBA or Modular Executive MBA applicants are not eligible.

1. First, fill out the MBA Qualification form here, and indicate if you’re for the scholarship.

2. If you’re eligible, start an application and go through the application process.

The application process for the LBS MBA programme includes the following steps:
1. Fill out the LBS MBA Qualification form.

2. Fill out the LBS MBA Application form.
3. Upload the required documents.

4. Submit the application form.
5. Pay the application fee
6. Schedule for NMAT/GMAT/GRE test.
7. Upload the test Score on the application portal.
8. Schedule for Interview
9. Documents verification and approval by Admissions Committee/Senate
10. Admitted

1. GMAT is valid for 5 years

2. NMAT is valid for 1 year

3. GRE is valid for 5 years

You need a minimum of 3 years post-graduation experience (NYSC counts as 1 year of experience).

LBS Entrance Test is only for Executive MBA and Modular Executive MBA applicants.

1. Upon completion and submission of the MBA application, applicants are to write the entrance test(NMAT/GMAT/GRE). 

2. Once test scores have been uploaded, applicants will be scheduled for an interview within a week.

1. Deadline for MBA is 30th September 2024

2. Deadline for MBA Scholarship is 31st August 2024

The scholarship process begins 1st September 2024. You’ll be notified when to apply for the scholarship.

No. The scholarship is only applicable to MBA students.

Support, tutors and study materials are available once you start an application. An admissions officer will be in touch and provide all the required support needed.

Required application documents are uploaded on the application portal.

The MBA application process is different from the scholarship application process. You need to have completed the MBA application process to be eligible for the scholarship application process.

1. Evidence of Need (Statement of Financial Need): a 6-month income statement/pay slip for working professionals, or audited/management accounts showing a 6-month turnover for business owners.

2. Leadership Potential, Personal Development and Statement of Objective: a personal statement detailing the following:
a. Your past experiences, achievements, and roles where you have demonstrated leadership qualities.
b. Your commitment to your growth and development.
c. Your motivation for pursuing an MBA, your career goals, and how the MBA aligns with your aspirations.

3. Completed LBS MBA Application Process: You must have completed the MBA application process.

4. Admission into LBS MBA: You have gotten admission into LBS MBA

5. Past Academic Results (GMAT, GRE, NMAT): We particularly consider the top 5% scores in each admission round.

6. Professional Letter of Recommendation: 2 letters of recommendation provided by professionals who know you well.

7. Interview Performance: If shortlisted, we will conduct in-person or online interviews with the scholarships committee to gauge your communication skills, motivation, and fit for the programme.

8. Overall Fit: We will consider the alignment between your background, aspirations, and LBS values and objectives and whether it resonates with our mission.